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Garage Door Repair Plymouth MN by Metro

Metro, is your solution to any Plymouth garage door or parts install and/or repair. Repairs can be serviced quickly by our certified techs. Repairs and installations done by our team is backed by our service guarantee. No matter the size of home or business garage door, Metro Garage Door has decades of experience in Plymouth and the western suburbs.

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Plymouth Garage Door Repair Service & Installation

Tired of having a non-functioning garage? Request an appointment and one dedicated expert technician will arrive to give a walk-through visual inspection. Named as one of the best garage door repair Plymouth MN companies, for same-day solutions and low prices.


How To Repair A Garage Door Motor

How to install a garage door:

Step One -Start with the vertical track

Install the vertical track on both sides of the garage. Ensure that each track is level. Secure the track using screws but don’t tighten them.

Step Two – Install the outside rollers and hinges

After installation of the outside rollers and hinges, secure them with screws. Pre-drill the holes to connect the panels. Attach the panels together using screws.

Step Three – Install the curved and horizontal tracks

To complete this section, follow the instructions manual. Once installed, make sure the tracks are level. Repeat the same process for the other side.


How to program garage door opener:

Step One – Check the batteries

It is important to make sure the batteries in the remote are new. If not, replace them. Proceed by turning the key to the accessory position. On the transmitter, depress the button until the indicator flashes. Do not lift your finger off the button.

Step Two – Press the operating button

Point the remote towards the photo eye or flashing light. Make sure you are 2 inches away and press the operating button. If the light flashes faster, the frequency has been identified.

Step Three – Press the training button

Using a ladder and a helper, press the learn button. When pressed, a light will flash beside it. Once the light flashes, you have 30 seconds to perform the next step.

Step Four – Press the programmed button

Head to your car and press the programmed button. Press the button for three seconds. If done correctly, the garage door should open. This means you have programmed the garage door opener. If not, repeat the steps above.


How to install garage door opener:

Step One – Read the instructions manual

Before installation, read the instruction manual. A few things to get you started. Attach the railings, slide the trolley over the rail, attach the rail to the motor compartment, install the pulley and the chain. Attach the end of the chain using the screw to the trolley.

Step Two – Install blocking and attach the bracket

The garage door opener should rest on the ceiling. To provide better support, install the blocking. Consult the instruction manual for this. After blocking, attach the bracket to the garage door itself.

Step Three – Install the power unit

The opener must be connected to a power supply to work. Install the power unit according to the instruction manual. Finally, attach the garage door to the bracket. For additional features, consult the instruction manual.


How to lubricate a garage door

Step One – Choose the right lubricant

Available choices are packaged in spray cans. This prevents a sticky or drippy mess. For your garage, choose a silicone or lithium spray. For hard to reach areas, find one with a straw.

Step Two – Lubricate with a small amount

The following areas should be lubricated. They include the steel rollers, steel hinges, rails, puller, and torsion spring. Remember, don’t grease the tracks. It attracts dirt and dust.

How to frame a garage door

Step One – Measure the garage door opening

Ensure when measuring the garage door opening to add 3 more inches than the opening itself. Measure from the bottom to the top of the garage. Add 1 ½ inch to this measurement.

Step Two – Make the frame

Start by cutting two (2X4) trimmers according to the above measurements. Nail the trimmers to both sides of the opening. Make sure they are on the edge. Proceed by cutting the header from a 2 by 12 lumber. Nail the header on top of the trimmer. Finish by screwing 2 by 6 jambs on the frame. Now, you are done framing the garage door.


How to replace a garage door opener

Step One – Position the garage door opener

Plymouth Garage Opener ReplacementMake sure it aligns with the center of the garage. Assemble the garage opener following the instruction manual and mount the rail. Place the opener on a ladder just below where you are going to install it. Add boards on the ladder to raise its height.

Step Two – Install the opener

Following the instruction manual, install the opener. Use angle iron to attach directly to the joist. Use two or more angle irons to support the opener. Replace all components – photo-eye and opener button.

Step Three – Fine tune the opener

Make adjustments to the opening and closing force screws. Test the opening and closing force. Now, you are done installing the garage door opener.


How to replace garage door rollers

Step One – Remove the old roller

Unplug the garage door opener from the power outlet. Open the garage door, clamp the track and release the door. At the top of the track, bend it to open it slightly. Use a pair of pliers to do so. Pry the old roller from the track using a flathead screwdriver.

Step Two – Install the new roller

Slide the new roller in the track, roll down the door and repeat the same process. After replacing all four rollers, bend the track to its original position and open the door all the way. Remember to have a helper to spot the door for you.


How to paint a garage door:

Step One – Assemble your supplies

Once you have your supplies, power wash the door to remove any dirt. If you chip the old paint, use a scraper to remove it until you have a clean surface. Tape the sides of the door to prevent the paint from coming into contact with your wall.

Step Two – Paint the door

Use a paintbrush and roller to paint your door. Paint box by box to make your work easier. Once you are done, allow the paint to dry.


How much does a garage door cost

A new garage door costs $200 for a single door and $4,000 or more for two or more doors. What determines the cost of the garage door is the material, the design, and style. While you can save when you install the garage door yourself, it is advisable to hire Minnesota garage door repair experts.


How to align garage door sensors:

Power off the sensors

Once you have powered off the sensors, loosen the screws of each sensor, and slide the sensors downward.

Align the sensors

Take a string, tie one end to one sensor and the other end to the other sensor. Check if the string is level. If not, adjust accordingly. Once you have aligned the sensors, tighten the screws to the mount. Remove the string.


How to reset(or reprogram) garage door opener:

Resetting the garage door opener varies with brands. The following method should help you reprogram a garage door opener from the following brands – LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman and Chamberlain.

  1. Start by pressing the smart button on the garage door opener motor unit. Once you do so, the indicator light will glow for 30 seconds.
  1. Hold the button on your remote within 30 seconds
  1. When the motor light blinks, release the button. If done correctly, the garage door should be reprogrammed. If not, repeat the process. Alternatively, read the instruction manual.


How to install garage door spring:

  1. Start by holding the garage door and torsion door in place using a clamp. Slide the left spring on the torsion tube and then replace the cable drum before inserting the torsion bar into the left bracket. Repeat the same for the right spring and then connect the cones to the center bracket.
  2. Thread the cables between the doorjamb and roller. Spin the drum to wind the cable into the grooves and secure it using screws. Repeat for the other side.
  3. Wind and stretch the springs. Follow the instruction manual for the right number of turns. Tighten the screws, lubricate the springs, remove the clamp and test the door it’s working.


How to change garage door code:

  1. To change the code of a door with a keypad, access the motor unit, check for the learn button and depress it.
  1. When the indicator light goes out, release the button. This erases the opener’s memory. Depress the learn button one more time and watch for the indicator light. On the keypad, type your new code. If the new code is accepted, the indicator light on the motor unit should blink.
  1. Hold the learn button again and the indicator light should blink. Press a button on the remote and the indicator light on the motor unit should blink. Repeat this for other remotes.


Brand Information

Craftsman was founded 90 years ago and since then, the company has continued to innovate new tools. That is garden tools, lawn tools, and even garage door parts. Today, its part of Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

The Genie Company manufacturers garage door openers and related parts. Founded in 1923, its parent organization is Overhead Door Corporation.

Chamberlain manufactures garage door openers, remotes, accessories and parts. In line with advancement in technology, Chamberlain offers smart openers and devices which can be controlled via the myQ app.

As part of Chamberlain Group, Liftmaster also manufactures garage door openers, gate openers, access control system and others for homeowners. For businesses, the company manufactures commercial door operators and gate operators.

Founded in 1954, Wayne Dalton makes garage doors made of aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and vinyl. They also manufacture commercial doors for businesses.


Plmouth MN

Plymouth MNLocated in Hennepin County, Plymouth is the seventh largest city in Minnesota. According to the 2010 US census, Plymouth has about 70,576 residents. Formerly named the Medicine Lake, the county commissioners in Hennepin renamed the city to Plymouth. This happened during the county’s inception.

The history of Plymouth can be traced back to 1400 to 1500 AD. The area was first inhabited by the Dakota. This was before Antoine LeCounte became the first settler. Having arrived in 1848, Antoine LeCounte did not settle in the area until 1852. He built the first cabin and began trading with the Native Americans. The cabin was located where the East Medicine Lake Boulevard at 29th Avenue North is.

More settlers began arriving in 1855 and within no time, the settlement turned into a town. The Hennepin County commissioners first named the town Plymouth. This was before a group voted to have the name changed to Medicine Lake. The name was only used once and changed back to Plymouth.

Today, Plymouth has 28,663 households where over 19,230 families live. Per square mile, the population density of the city is 2,159.6. The median income for a family is $90,134 while the per capita income is $36,309.

In Plymouth, Minnesota, there are tons of things to do. You can visit the following parks:

  • Millenium Garden
  • Parkers Lake Park
  • Clifford A. French Regional Park
  • Eagle Lake Regional Park

Other places of interest you can check out include:

  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Plymouth Playhouse
  • Escape MSP
  • Wayzata Depot and Museum
  • Wayzata Beach

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Very happy experiences with Metro Door. We've used them before, to install a new opener and for repairs from backing into the door. Always prompt, professional, friendly, and reasonably priced. This time, we needed to replace a 30-year-old opener on our seldom-used small door. After analyzing our situation, the technician, Randy, provided a much better strategy -- moving the 5-year-old opener to the small door and installing the new opener on the big door (the one we use all the time). This also allowed us to install a really quiet belt-driven opener on the big door. Thanks Randy! Great experience all around.
Kathy Johnson

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I had a new garage door installed. My initial garage door had a weird problem -- it opened by itself! Our technician came out and was just fantastic. He replaced the opener (the maker of the opener, for instance, tried to send me a part that I could replace on a week-old opener). They fully replaced the opener and the wire and it works great. And Randy was exceedingly professional and helped me understand everything. Great service.

Jonathan Maze

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Outstanding service and great pricing! My garage door flipped out and luckily someone referred me to this firm. From the minute they answered my call until the door was fixed, they were simply great. Very prompt, courteous and very trustworthy. The tech was Dana and he was just wonderful answering all my questions and making excellent suggestions. The door has never operated so well and so quiet!. Thanks again for a great job.
Joan Brandes

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