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Garage Opener Repair & Installation

At Metro Garage Door, we have residential garage openers to meet your every need. We carry premium Chamberlain Liftmaster openers, the industry's foremost manufacturer of quality, and have choices for durable and safe openers that can withstand even the harshest Minnesota winter. On top of operational security and the option for quiet, quality openers that are professionally installed, we carry new technologies that can provide next-level security for your home. We have garage door openers that can communicate with your smartphone, computer, or in-home wall units so you never have to worry if you accidentally left your door open. You’ll be able to know that you, your home, and everything inside it are safe and secure whenever you're away.


We Install Liftmaster Garage Door Openers


Garage Opener Repair

Has your garage door stopped responding to your remote or wall switch? Does it refuse to open? To close? Does it run unevenly, shake, or making a grinding noise when you try to use it? Does it open too quickly and seem dangerous? Does it stop half way up or down? These could all be signs of a malfunctioning garage door opener. Luckily, most of these problems can be quickly and painlessly fixed by a professional!


Metro Garage Door can repair your existing garage door opener to get it operating properly without having to replace the whole system. Our certified technicians have plenty of experience with repairs, and will be able to quickly isolate and solve the problem. Brands we service include Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears, Raynor, Genie, Linear, and Stanley. When you schedule an appointment with Metro, your garage door will be working again by the time we leave.


We will also offer advice and options should your opener be non-compliant, need replacement, or if you are interested in retrofitting your existing opener with new smart technologies.


Professional Installers of Residential Garage Door Openers

Garage Opener Installation

A typical garage door opener lasts for around 10-15 years of regular use. Metro supplies a wide variety of garage door openers for every need and price range. Whether you want a high-quality, long lasting chain or belt opener, or a state-of-the-art Jackshaft opener, our certified technicians will deliver and install yours the same day you make the purchase, so we can get your door working again in no time.


With Metro Garage Door providing your next system, you can trust in smooth operation with battery backups and advanced technology to carry you through whatever life throws at you: power outages, snow storms, or anything else you can imagine.


On top of that, our products come with limited warranties and fast, reliable installation by some of the most highly-qualified experts in our field. Call us to inquire about upgrading your garage door opener system today!


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Residential Garage Door Opener Features

Belt Drive or Chain Drive Garage Door Openers Belt Drive or Chain Drive Openers
Quiet, steady power for reliable smoothness, or maximum lifting performance for the heaviest carriage house or solid wood doors.
Garage Door Opener Battery Backup Battery Backup
Even during a power outage, your opener will still function and give you access to your home.
Liftmaster Garage Door Opener's Horsepower Horsepower
½ to ¾ horsepower provides steady performance for the load of your door.
Liftmaster Openers' Radio Frequency Range Radio Frequency Range
Expanded frequency range allows you to begin opening your door sooner, so the door is open as you swing into the driveway.
Liftmaster Garage Door Openers MyQ Technology MyQ Technology
Monitor and control your garage door and house lights from anywhere with your smartphone or computer.

Liftmaster Smartphone Garage Opener

LiftMaster ® MyQ ® Garage Opener App

No longer worry about entering a dark house, crossing through a dark garage, or remembering whether you really closed the garage door. New garage door openers communicate with your smartphone, computer, or home’s wall unit so that you can now control and monitor your garage door from anywhere. 

Using the new MyQ® app, available for free on iPhone and Android, you can access, monitor, and control your garage door opener remotely from wherever you can access the internet. Open the app anytime, anywhere, to find out if you garage door is open or closed, turn on or off house and garage lights, and find out if your garage door was opened while you were out. You can even choose to have the app send notifications to your various devices whenever your door is opened.

MyQ® technology is available on many of the doors Metro Garage Door installs. For security, control, and peace of mind, ask our technicians about MyQ® today.


MyQ® smartphone/ computer access to your home and garage

Never again wonder if you closed the garage door, or wonder how someone who is locked out will get into the house. Monitor, access, and control your home lights and your garage doors through the MyQ® technology available on select Liftmaster openers. MyQ® technology can also be installed to most existing garage door openers. Metro Garage Door technicians can supply and install these systems for you in a matter of days. Contact us to get started!



Opener Accessories and Added Features

Control Panels Control Panels
Mounted control panels don’t just open your garage door anymore—motion detectors can turn on lights automatically, timers can automatically close your garage door as programmed, or wireless panels can be mounted anywhere in your garage.
Wireless Keyless Entry Systems Wireless Keyless Entry Systems
Open your door with your private code, without need for a remote or key.
Horsepower Laser Parking Accessory
Maximize your garage space without coming in contact with anything else; park perfectly with this laser parking assistance unit.
Horsepower Surge Protector
Protect the entire garage door opener system from power surges and lightning strikes.
MyQ Technology Lighting Control
Add security and comfort by turning on garage lights from your remote or using motion detection, or go a step further and turn on your house lights from your phone as your approach the house.
MyQ Technology Remotes
Open your garage door from within your car. Program several doors to one remote, regardless of the garage door opener manufacturer.

Garage Opener Parts: How Does the Opener Work?

It’s important to remember that the garage door, the opener, and the remote control used to activate the opener are three different parts. The opener is used to move the garage door and the remote control is used to activate the garage door opener. All three parts have to be set up separately. Once all the garage door parts are properly installed, here is how they will work, step by step.




Today, garage door openers and remotes use a changing, dynamic binary code. That means remotes no longer use one code like they used to, when if your neighbor’s remote would be able to open your garage door if their remote was also tuned to your frequency. This code is regenerated every time the opener is used, and since there are billions of possible code combinations, the only garage door opener your remote will ever activate is the one you’re “communicating” with.


When you press the button on your remote opener, a remote signal gets sent to the garage door opener. Once set up, your garage door opener has a radio receiver built in and programmed to respond to the frequency emitted by your remote. When your opener senses the frequency emitted by your remote, it responds by activating its motor and starting the process that opens or closes the garage door.




It’s actually the spring, not the trolley, chain, belt, or cables that does the hard work of lifting the garage door. A garage door spring provides the force needed to lift the weight of the garage door. If the door weighs 500 pounds, for instance, then the garage door spring will have to be capable of supplying 500 pounds of lifting force to get the door to rise.


There are two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are located above the door on a metal shaft. The torsion spring applies torque to drums located at either end of this shaft. These drums attach to the garage door’s cables, which are in turn attached to the bottom fixture of the door itself. When the spring applies torque to the drums by winding when the door is closing and unwinding when the door is opening, the spring is supplying the force required to lift the door.


Extension springs also supply the power required to lift the door, but this system requires multiple springs. These are located on the sides of the door. Instead of using torque, Extension springs use the tension supplied when the springs unwind to generate force. Extension springs also include a safety cable, which prevents the Extension springs from become dangerous flying projectiles when they snap or break. If you use Extension springs, make sure you have Extension spring safety cables.




What the rest of the garage door system does is control the direction and speed at which the door is moving on command. The motor contained in the body drives the trolley along the rail connected to the door. The trolley controls the rate at which the lifting power generated by the spring is applied to the door. This mechanism can also lock your garage door by ensuring that its weight prevents it from being opened manually when closed.

In Summary

Every brand of garage door and garage door opener looks and works a little differently, but they’re all built around this design principle. Some garage door repairs can be done at home, but some are very dangerous and should only be attempted by a professional. If you suspect something is wrong with your door’s spring, in particular, you should give us a call ASAP. One of our technicians be able point out the problem on-site and solve it for you in one visit, and we’re available whenever you are.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Metro Garage Door can conduct repairs on your existing garage door opener. Brands we service: Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Sears, Raynor, Genie, Linear, and Stanley. 

We will also offer advice and options should your opener be non-compliant, need replacement, or if you are interested in retro-fitting your existing opener with new smart technologies.
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Chamberlain Opener Repair Liftmaster Opener Repair Sears Opener Repair Raynor Opener Repair Genie Opener Repair Linear Opener Repair Stanley Opener Repair

Opener Troubleshooting & FAQ

1. Can I open my neighbors door with my opener?

20 years ago, yes. Now, your opener uses a different dynamic, changing code (and can generate over 1 billion codes) every time you activate the opener, which means your opener will only open your garage.

2. Should I fix my old opener or replace it?

The average lifespan of an opener is 10-15 years. If it’s that old it should be replaced. If it isn’t that old, it depends on the problem you’re having with it. A technician should be able to tell you what’s wrong and what they recommend.

3. I can’t open my garage door with the wall button or the remote

-Remotes and keypads are driven by batteries. In most cases when they won’t function it’s battery related. Try changing the batteries first.
-Double check that there’s power going to the opener.
-Check the fuse box.
-Check to see if there’s electrical power to the circuit.
-Is the opener plugged into the outlet?
-Check the safety sensors (down at the bottom of the track about 6 inches from the floor). If lights are on then there's power to the system.

4. My garage door won’t open and my remote and wall button are working

-Make sure your garage door isn’t locked. Many garage doors have manual locking systems.
-Your torsion springs, which do most of the work raising the garage door, could be damaged or broken.
-There could be a wiring problem preventing your wall button’s command from getting to the unit.


More Troubleshooting Tips


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Broken Spring Replacement

16x7 Garage Door
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Broken Spring Replacement Special



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Garage Door
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1/2 HP Chain & 2 Remotes
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Broken Spring Replacement Special



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Broken Spring Replacement Special



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16x7 Double Garage Door when you add Windows or Opener

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Broken Spring Replacement Special



Coupon must be mentioned when scheduling an appointment, and must be printed and presented at time of service. May be combined with other offers.
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