Why is My Garage Door Uneven?

Every homeowner with a garage door in Minneapolis has already experienced or will experience at some point an unbalanced and crooked garage door. This could be due to several reasons: worn down cables from use, broken or misaligned rollers, and even broken and rusted springs from the snow in Minneapolis.

Why is My Garage Door Uneven?

Remember it is important to check if your garage door works properly with a few safety tests from time to time. Despite you are still able to get in and out of your garage, if your garage door shifted to one side, you need to address the problem as soon as possible. If your garage door crooked and you do nothing to fix it, the stress will increase and it will be more expensive and difficult to repair it.

Moreover, depending on the cause, it becomes potential and severe danger as your crooked garage door could come down suddenly with something or even someone underneath it.

Here are three possible reasons that could explain why your garage door shifted to one side:

1. Torsion Spring that Breaks

The most common culprit is a broken torsion spring. Some doors have springs on the side, called extension springs, while others have two overhead springs. These springs are tightly wound pieces of metal and are responsible for closing and opening your garage door.

Depending on what you do (open or close the door) the springs will wind or unwind and pull the garage door along its tracks. Your door might still open, but it will be crooked or will run slowly if one of these springs breaks.

If you have a crooked garage door and it was caused by a broken torsion spring, give Metro Garage a Call so one of our experienced garage door experts replaces your torsion spring immediately. Remember it could be highly threatening to operate a garage door on one torsion spring.

2. Jumped or Frayed Cable

Why is my garage door uneven if the springs are not damaged? Another cause of a crooked garage door is a jumped or frayed cable. The cables and springs work together to help lift and lower your garage door. If your cable unwinds, snaps, or is worn out, or damaged in any way, it could result in a crooked garage door that is out of alignment as well. Sometimes, a broken torsion spring and a snapped or broken cable could occur together.

3. Roller Problems

Why is my garage door uneven if the springs and cables are intact? Consider there are different parts of your garage door that could be not working properly, such as door tracks and rollers. In this case, if your garage door shifted to one side, it might have something to do with how well the rollers are running along the garage door tracks, as they have to do so to retract into your garage. It may result in a crooked or jammed garage door if there is a problem with the rollers or the track.

The garage door will likely not work at all if the rollers have completely jumped the track; nevertheless, if a garage door pulls to one side when opening, or does not go up and down all the way, the rollers might not be properly aligned with the track. Debris in the tracks, damage to the rollers, and warping of the door could be some of the possible causes for this type of hassle.

How to Fix a Crooked Garage Door

Here is what to do if you think your garage door is broken: You should not try to fix it on your own. Minneapolis is one of our main service areas, and at Metro Garage Door, we are happy to help you. It is highly important that you call Metro Garage Door rather than try to fix a crooked garage door by yourself, and there are several reasons to explain it.

The first and most important reason is your safety. A torsion spring contains tremendous energy, as it can lift a garage door that could weigh hundreds of pounds. You could be critically hurt if it snaps while your try to replace it, and there is also a chance the door could fall on you or that you could fall from a height while you are repairing it. Our Metro Garage Door technicians are rigorously trained on adequate garage door safety techniques on how to adjust a garage door that is crooked, so they will efficiently help you with your issue.

If Your Garage Door Is Crooked

Even if the problem does not seem that risky, such as a door that is off-track, there is still a risk of not repairing it correctly and making a mistake that could damage the door even more. This could as a consequence, be more expensive to repair. Moreover, you will probably void any warranty you have on the door by trying to fix the issue on your own. At the end of the day, letting a professional handle the problem is way better.