Is It Time To Tune Up Your Garage Door?

Is It Time To Tune Up Your Garage Door?


Are you making sure to tune it up? For home and business owners, garage doors are a daily necessity that we rely on without giving much of a second thought. But as we navigate our busy lives and we make time for everything that we need, when do we know when it’s time to do some maintenance on our hardworking garage doors? Here at Metro Garage Door, we want to help you configure when it may be time to give your garage a tune up!


Are there any immediate signs that your garage door is in need of repair? 

The easiest way to configure if it’s time for a tune up is if there’s anything that stands out as being completely different from what we’re used to when it comes to our garage door. Are there any sharp noises or dragging sounds from your garage door, or any signs of coarseness on the gears?

Sometimes we can think of these as secondary fixes that can be dealt with later, however, if we wait too long to get these taken care of, we could be asking for more issues to arise. Any visible or oratory signs of instability on your garage door is your perfect opportunity to call Metro Garage Door, who is happy and ready to make sure your garage door gets a heaping serving of love and is in a perfect state for your daily needs.


When was the last time you checked your garage door?


Double checking the perimeter of your garage door is essential in maintaining its durability, aesthetic, and overall condition. If everything looks like it’s completely hunky dory, ask yourself when the last time you got your garage door checked was. The rule of thumb from experts is that we want to tune up our garage door every six months, or twice a year. With all the inner workings that go into your garage door, making sure that there’s an expert that can run tests a couple times a year and who can replace any parts that are below par is incredibly important in maintaining a working and safe garage door. Metro Garage Door is here to help and can send out one of their amazing technicians, so make sure to mark your calendars to remind you it’s time for a tune up every six months.


Take the opportunity to make any enhancements you’ve been dreaming of!


Have you had your garage door tuned up and everything is good to go for the next six months? While one of our wonderful technicians is making any repairs or doing any check-ups, take this opportunity to jump the gun in making any enhancements that you’ve been dreaming of! Are you looking to get new hinges to make your garage door’s mechanics smoother? Maybe even looking to transition to a fully redesigned garage door with a sleek and modern vibe? There’s no better opportunity than when your garage door is being tuned up.


Whether you’re wanting to get rid of that squeaky sound your garage door makes or are just looking to have everything double checked to make sure that wear and tear isn’t settling in, Metro Garage Door is here for whatever your needs may be!

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