Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door?

Is your garage door insulated? Should it be? As a Minnesota company, we definitely recommend insulated garage doors for homes that see very low or high temperatures. Investing in an insulated door saves heat, energy, and money, and keeps you comfortable all winter.

What difference does insulation make for a garage door?

Consider your garage an extension of your home. Garages often have insulated walls to keep in heat, so your garage can serve as a buffer between you and the cold.

But having an insulated garage without an insulated door is like leaving the door open.

The cold (or heat) that can pass through an uninsulated garage door acts like a temperature draw. It steals energy and comfort away from your home.

5 Reasons to get an insulated garage door.

1. Conserve energy. With an insulated door, your home loses less heat because the garage stays warmer.
2. Keeping a warmer garage is more hospitable for the homeowner, whether you’re just climbing into the cold car or doing work in the garage.
3. Structurally, insulated doors are less likely to flex and come out of alignment.
4. Insulated doors are much quieter than non-insulated doors.
5. The working parts of the garage door and the garage door opener function better when they are kept in moderate temperatures. Extreme cold and heat puts added stress on these parts, making them more likely to have problems. You will see less ice on the outside of your door as well.

What insulation rating do I need?

Pros evaluate the quality of insulated doors with an “R rating.” The rating scales from 0 to 19 to denote the door’s resistance to heat transfer (whether in or out), with 0 being no insulation at all (i.e. uninsulated steel door).

R rating Scale

0-5: Minimal insulation or no insulation.

5-8: Nominally insulated – good for temperate climates without very high or very low temps.

9-13: Good insulation (Many doors we sell here in the Twin Cities are in this range).

13-19: Excellent insulation – good for those who heat their garages for garage work and want to ensure their garage door doesn’t lose heat.


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