Garage Door Curb Appeal

For the average American house, the garage door makes up nearly 40% of the facade of the home. New, updated, carefully-chosen garage doors instantly increase the curb appeal of your home. In fact, Remodeling Magazine has noted that exterior replacements, specifically replacing the garage door, is a home improvement with the highest return on investment. In short, the dollars spent on a new door will be well spent because of the increased value of your home.

New garage doors instantly improve the curb appeal and perceived value of your house. But how do you go about choosing what looks best for your home? With many choices in material, design, color, insulation, and accessories, there are hundreds of custom possibilities.

The staff at Metro Garage Door will conduct a free consultation at your home to begin discussing garage door options that fit your budget and aesthetics. Our sales team combines with our certified technicians, walking you through every step along the way, to the final installation and testing of your new door.

Metro supplies new garage doors of fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl finishes. Add windows, hardware and handles, or custom paint to make your door perfect for your home. Carriage house style doors are elegant and strong. Wood doors make a statement, and can be stained or painted as you wish. Steel or aluminum doors come in many panel designs, and can also be painted to match your home. Of course all of these can be embellished with windows and decorative hardware. We will help you choose the best door for your family and your home.

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