How to Program Garage Door Opener and Remote

A Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Your Garage Door Opener and Remote for Popular Brands

Having problems with your garage door, but don’t know how to program a garage door opener? Although garage door technology can certainly be a head scratcher, it’s not difficult to set up a garage door opener or program a garage door keypad. You don’t need an expert technician to fix this issue, all you need is to identify your garage door brand and follow some simple steps. Let's dive in!

How to Program a Garage Door Remote for Popular Brands

Below, you’ll find a list of the major garage door opener brands and a step-by-step guide to program yours. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the brands out there, but many of them are related to each other and tend to work the same. If you’re unsure how to program your garage door clicker, browse for the description that best fits yours and check the steps to set up yours.

Chamberlain, Liftmaster and Craftsman Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman are the most popular brands of garage door opener and are compatible.

  1. Close the garage door. Make sure there is a lightbulb in your overhead unit.

  2. Press and release the "Learn" button: Locate this button on the garage door opener motor unit or on your wall-mounted control panel. An indicator light should glow steadily for 30 seconds.  If your model doesn’t have the lights, then enter a 4-digit PIN instead on the keypad, and then press and hold the ENTER button.

  3. Activate the remote: Press and hold a button on your hand-held remote within 30 seconds.

Confirmation: Release the remote button when the motor unit light blinks or you hear two clicks. This indicates that the code has been learned.

Genie Garage Door Openers

  1. Locate the "Learn" Button: This is usually found on the opener motor and may be labeled as "Learn Code," "Set," or "Program Set."

  2. Press the Button: Hold the button until an LED light starts blinking, indicating that the opener is in programming mode.

  3. Activate the Remote: Press the button on your Genie remote control within 30 seconds.

  4. Confirmation: The opener lights will blink, or you'll hear two clicks, signaling that the remote has been programmed.

  5. Test: Press the button again. It should open your garage door.

Sommer Direct Drive Openers

  1. Open the Control Housing: Usually, you'll need to remove a few screws to access the control buttons.

  2. Press the "P" Button: This will activate programming mode. A LED will start blinking.

  3. Remote Activation: Press the desired remote button within 10 seconds of activating programming mode.

  4. Save: Press the "P" button once more to save your settings.

Ryobi Garage Door Openers

  1. Access the Control Panel: Find the panel on the garage door opener unit.

  2. Press the Program Button: Usually labeled "PRG," press and hold until you hear a beep.

  3. Activate the Remote: Press the button on your remote that you want to program.

  4. Confirm: You'll hear a final beep to confirm that the remote has been successfully programmed.

Remote Transmitters with Internal Set Switches

Remote transmitters  work by matching the settings on the internal code setting switches with the same ones in the receiver on the garage ceiling. 

  1. Locate the Receiver: Find the receiver either behind the light lens of the garage door opener motor unit or in a small external box on the ceiling.

  2. Match the Settings: Align the internal code setting switches on both the remote and the receiver.

Universal Home Remote (Uhr)

If your remote has 3 LED lights, one above each button, do the following:

  1. Start: Press the outer two UHR buttons simultaneously and release.

  2. Initiate “Learn” Mode: Press the small square or round black button behind the light bulb cover on your garage door opener. The LED should start to blink.

  3. Programming: Press and hold the remote button you wish to use for operating the garage door.

Confirmation: Once the garage door activates, release the button and press it again to save the setting.

Garage Door Opener FAQ

Can You Reprogram a Garage Door Remote?

You can reprogram a remote, but it depends on the brand. Although we just described the major and most common brands, it’s better that you visit the manufacturer’s website to find the specific instructions for your remote.

How do I Program my Overhead Garage Door Remote?

Most remotes have a LEARN button, not always going by that name, though. Press and release it until its light glows steadily for 30 seconds. After this period, press and hold the button on the remote and release it when the overhead opener unit’s lights blink.

Help Programming Your Garage Door Opener

Hopefully, you’ve learned to successfully program your garage door remote. If you’re still having difficulty, consult the manufacturer’s instructions. For fast help with garage opener problems contact the friendly pros at Metro Garage Door. Our team is always ready to answer questions and help our valued customers get their garage doors working.

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