Improve Energy Efficiency at Your Business with Insulated Garage Doors

Here in Minnesota, businesses lose an enormous amount of energy keeping warm during the cold and dry winters. An insulated commercial garage door can greatly improve your business’ energy efficiency while keeping you warmer through the winter months. 

How Commercial Garage Door Insulation Benefits Business Efficiency

Insulation helps businesses reduce energy consumption by minimizing heat transfer. Proper insulation ensures that heat is stored for as long as possible. This results in lower utility bills and operational costs while reducing the wear on your heating and cooling system.

Not only does this translate into significant savings for businesses in the long term, it creates better conditions for employees and clients alike. A comfortable work environment increases productivity for your workers and is more welcoming to business prospects. 

Another way insulation helps is through enhanced air seals. With tighter seals around your garage door, your air conditioner and heater won’t continually click on and off due to air seeping out and weather conditions seeping in.  

Of course, energy efficiency also has an impact on the planet. The more energy that we conserve, the less greenhouse gas emissions are released, which leads to an overall better planet for all of us.   

3 Additional Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

An insulated commercial garage door that is properly installed does more than save energy and utility costs, it can transform your business. 

1. Code Compliance

Insulation is sometimes a legal matter. Many commercial garage doors have to follow ever-changing compliance codes. Cover your bases and ensure that you are following code by installing the right insulated garage door for your business.

2. Reduced Noise

With proper insulation comes the added benefit of noise reduction. Keep customers happy on-site and make friends with next door neighbors. Insulation goes both ways and filters out distracting outside noise as well to keep your staff focused. If noise is an issue at your business, consider how a new garage door can help.

3. Garage Door Integrity

A properly insulated garage door lasts longer. Insulation improves the longevity of its appearance and functionality. Your door will require less maintenance over the years, saving your business additional expense.

Learn More About Commercial Garage Door Insulation

Whether it’s keeping your business warm in the winter, cool in the summer or quiet all year, insulated garage doors are a smart investment. To learn more about insulated roll up garage doors, commercial garage door insulation panels and the many styles we install, contact Metro Garage Door today. We’ve been helping businesses like yours for over 40 years.

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